2 HO LED Light Bars, 1 Spot Light 2 LED Side Lights, Black Out Lights and Optional Emergency Lights.

New High Speed MICH XZLs Tires 6 Storage Boxes, and 200 Gallons of On-Board Fuel, Optional High Speed Axles.

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Garmin TM and NAVISTAR GPS Systems

Maintaining its MIL roots, in function and looks, complete with the Star...

The Big AUSSY2 has a Nice set up in the new cab, with Duel GPS and Radio within easy reach for the operator. Full Time Cameras, and Full Instruments.

Cab First Look.. Aussy 2s cab gets the electronics package, we used the 5 camera system off road, to check where the big truck was in the road... optional camera location can be in the HAB, or on a lower axle to check clearance. 1 forward, 1 rear, 2 waist, and 1 optional, all DVR recordable.

AUSSY2 gets a field test at a..well...Military proving ground.

Today we took the big 2 out for some field exercises, locking in the 6X6 and checking articulation, and body roll and frame flex.

Frame flex is always a subject for Expedition enthusiasts to chew on, with one camp being in a jelly-roll like configuration where the Hab rolls around like a bouncing ball...on three points..the other side, the stiff frame side, like a lot of the MANN trucks use, incorporates a stiff frame to take the stresses.. and well NOT flex.

The big AUSSY2 takes the latter side, utilizing THREE frames, virtually eliminating flex. Big 2 carries alot of interior, and alot of space, a flopping rear HAB will not do here.

The big truck handles well, off road, and no road, taking in the bumps like a Dodge Ram pickup. Body roll is almost non exsistant, and after dropping the front axle off several 5 foot embankments, the stiff frame idea is proving well... nice and stiff.

a check of tolerances on the floating slides, showed no movement, and operated smoothly.

Cab Interior build progressing:

The Big Aussy 2 will get the Electronics package:

-Redundant Navagation/ GPS. 2 systems that work independently, using separate satellites sets.

-DVD AMFM CD player iPod

-Two way security radios

-Riot, protester counter measures and take down lights.

-DJI drone interface ( pilot the surveillance drone from the cab, or have the drone auto-follow vehicle)

Here the custom interior gets fabricated from scratch....

quick preview of what's inside!!

**note the alligator leather on the walls!!! **